Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fantastic Fan Fixer

The long-summer-holiday-that-wasn't is a distant memory now.  School's back and Smiley and I have our noses to the grindstone...well...we're showing up at school in the hopes of getting paid once a fortnight anyway. Getting back to work after a long break is hard enough but insult has been added to injury due to a washed out summer (that resulted in a gargantuan bruise on Smiley's butt, which is entirely off topic) with not a sign of sunshine Everyone's stuck sweltering indoors while the sky is a brilliant blue with radiant sunbeams bursting out all over the beaches we can no longer get to.

We have actually been doing quite a bit of work around the place. Shocking I know.
So much for that New Year's Resolution to enforce a clear desk policy.
See that thing sitting behind the messy desk? It's a new photocopier!!!  Things are definitely looking up for 2012. Once we've sorted all that paperwork out, we'll get to work with real live kids again.

It's been hot. Stifling hot. At the risk of blowing important documents all across Rewa, Smiley and I decided to turn on the fan. It made a very annoying noise. Smiley didn't seem too bothered but the racket was driving me insane (even more insane than I already am). I made it my mission to FIX that flagging fan. Being the Supermind that I am, I quickly determined that the lollie wrappers stuffed into the cage by distracted kids during English classes would certainly be the problem. However, the cage had been permanently sealed with plastic ties.  With cunning and ingenuity that would even make MacGyver jealous, I fashioned a lollie wrapper getter outer hook out of a paper clip and started poking around. Smiley cautiously suggested I turn the fan off - which proved to be quite a good idea and after much poking and pulling (and a few naughty words) I achieved success.
Gloatingly I turned the fan on.
It made an annoying noise.
Smiley quietly suggested that we could used the NEW fan on the table across the room but by this stage I was in too deep. I decided to inspect the fan closely, millimeter by millimeter.
My keen eye detected a dent. More poking and pulling with the paper clip (and a few more naughty words) soon fixed that. I turned it on. It made an annoying noise. Smiley could stand it no longer. I had become a "fan fanatic".
"Why don't we just..." and with a little tweak she tilted it back a little. No noise.
The problem:
Cage broken away from the back
And here is the Conqueror of  Noisy Fans:
Looks to me like she's just airing out her armpits
It's always been a fantasy of mine to work with a fanatically fantastic Fan Fixer (*sorry*). Smiley deserves an award. I think this would do nicely don't you?
Why yes, that IS the coveted Web Ellis Cup!
I wish this story had a happy ending but sadly a sweaty Year 11 boy burst through our office door and flung himself directly onto the fan in attempt to get cool / be cool / be a dork and undid all our efforts. Looks like we'll get the new fan started after all.