Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's just play it by ear

I've been thinking about ears lately. Partly because I've just gotten over an ear infection, but mostly because my very good friend happens to be an Ear Nurse and has just opened a brand new ear wax removal clinic in Takanini, South Auckland. It's an interesting connection really because I didn't really want my buddy to know about my infection in case he...examined me. I didn't manage to hide it for long and he did exactly that, using his flash $20,000 microscope. I was well impressed with his lovely bedside manner and shiny equipment (ooer!). Anyway, I'm all better and my Nursey friend has had a busy couple of weeks collecting enough ear wax to start his own wax works museum to give Madame Tussaude a run for her money.

I've been following this guy on Facebook and Twitter and am somewhat amused by his choice of cartoons that he's popped up for our entertainment. Little gems such as this:
and this:

Paddington Bear Movie Trailer
Be sure to check out the website: South Auckland Ears and do a search for "South Auckland Ears" on Facebook and Twitter. Like it, follow it and "keep your ear to the ground" for his latest updates.
So I guess there's no need for us to go life being (wait for it) "ear"itable with a build up of wax after all.