Monday, January 6, 2014


I've been watching a bit of "Star Trek Enterprise" recently (thanks to my son and daughter for the birthday gift). I've always been a bit of a Trekker. I even had a brief crush on De Forrest Kelly. While everyone else went weak for James T Kirk and his wooden style of speech, I was all a flutter for McCoy's "I'm a doctor Jim, not a bricklayer". And when he fixed Spock with that steely gaze and asked him if he was out of his Vulcan mind, my knees turned to jelly.

But I digress...
When I watched Star Trek as a kid I was flabbergasted by all the cool technology stuff (oops! My thoughts are straying back to Doctor McCoy and his salt and pepper shaker medical instruments). Oh yes, the techno stuff. The touch screen tablets and Skype convos that Jim used decades before they were invented.  That was mind blowing stuff. Then the yuppy bricks (aka mobile phones) came out in the 90s and I knew I'd arrived. I was living in the future - and that was 20 years ago!

So the other night I was watching "Enterprise" and realized that much of their cool toys are quite normal by today's standards. That's when I had my Epiphany. I might not have moved as quickly as Marty McFly and admittedly it has taken me 51 years to get here but (are you ready for this?) I AM A TIME TRAVELER! 

And to think that I get car sick driving to the next suburb.

And here's another thought that might just make your head implode. I mentioned this to our boarder, Miss Giggles and she told me that, according to my logic, EVERYBODY is a time traveler!

Now if I could just work out how to go back a week and take this weeks Lotto numbers with me this could really be useful.