Saturday, January 26, 2013

When stuff looks like other stuff

I rather like the word "doppelganger". Actually, I discovered the word "proclivity" last night and just can't wait to slip that one into conversation in the very near future. So if I'm engaged in conversation with you anytime soon, listen out for it.

But I digress. Doppelganger threw me at first. Mostly because I didn't know how to spell it, and also because I had no idea what it meant. "Doppelganger" popped up on Facebook a few times and, just to show that I got it, I like the post anyway. Eventually I turned to Mr Google for help and he explained that a doppelganger is "a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart." To be honest, I only found out the ghostly bit today because that's when "eventually" turned out to be. All this time I'd been under the impression that a doppelganger is a lookalike so for the sake of this post, I'll stick with that.

Okay, this is cool, I've just said "doppelganger" 6 times so far in this post. I wonder how many times I can slip "proclivity" into conversation tomorrow. Anyway, back to the doppelganger (that's 7!), I wonder if I have one out there somewhere?

On a similar vein, I often find myself gazing at things that look like other things. Happens all the time. Here are some examples:
Above is some bird poop that mysteriously landed on the windscreen of my car (see previous blog: for further details). I can clearly make out three faces. The middle face (an ancient Mayan) doesn't look too friendly (or perhaps he's unwell, but wouldn't you be if you'd just come out of a sparrow's butt?) but the face on the right is quite obviously Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Here's a picture of the For Sale sign outside my friend's house:
See the puppy? Over there on the right? It's unmistakable really considering that he takes up half of the sign. He has two big eyes and his mouth is open because he's happy to see me..

Ooooh, I nearly forgot this one! This was taken in a seedy motel in Matakana. Check out the bottom right corner of the top left blue tile:
It's ALICE COOPER!!! (or maybe Ozzie Osbourne with a bat in his mouth. Without his glasses)

Meanwhile, in other news...
I've had younger fosties lately and made the decision to "retire" from my job as a teacher aide at the local high school (stop laughing Smiley! Congratulating me on my retirement in my leaving letter was a misprint I tell you. A MISPRINT!). I'll miss the laughs those kids gave me but at least I have this as a momento:
Pure gold!
Over time I got used to having teen fosties in the house but I think I'll be a pro with the littlies too. As long as I can work Facebook with my toes I know I'll be okay:
On Facebook Chat with R while feeding a baby. Look, no hands!