Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who Is She?

So I was wandering through a second hand shop today, searching for some costume accessories (as you do) and not really feeling it. This particular shop isn't one of my favourites but it was on my way to where I was going anyway so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's a large and messy shop piled with...junk. Most of it is absolute rubbish. Then I noticed a heap of frames on the concrete floor (which could have used a sweep in my opinion!). Not wanting to look like someone who had just taken one look at the surroundings and was wanting to leave in disgust, I thought I'd feign some interest in the the frames before disgust. But then I saw this:
I can't explain why but I just had to have her - as long as she didn't cost more than fifteen bucks. So I casually asked the assistant how much "it" was. You know, in a sort of nonchalant, I don't really think I'll buy it so you'd better make it cheap to see if you can tempt me kind of way. She shrugged her shoulders and suggested five bucks so I took her home - the little girl that is, not the assistant. I figured she might be better off staying behind to sweep her floor.

Now she's driving me cray cray! (see how hip and groovy I am with the latest catch phrases. Yup, I'm a real happening chick). So many questions:
Who is she?
Who knitted her cardi?
Who is Daniel?
Why did he have to slap his name on her pink cardi in such an in-your-face fashion?
Why didn't he put his last name and why didn't he put a date on it?

So the challenge is out there. Do YOU know the answers to any of these questions? Maybe she'd like to be reunited with herself!

Here's a clue; a sticker on the back that says:

Cirella Fine Art
8 Gayton Close 
Connah's Quay 
Tel: (0244) 814780

Mr Google isn't giving away too much. According to him this is from Wales, which is the other side of the world. How did she get all the way from Wales to end up in a New Zealand junk shop? There's no reference to any "Cirella Fine Art" and if you google map the address, it just looks like a 2 up, 2 down residential property.

Of course, she could just simply be a figment of Danie's imagination and not, in reality, exist at all. So in the meantime, to help put my mind at rest, I shall name her Myfannwy. Incidentally, I wanted to name my youngest daughter Myfannwy and nobody would let me. Sad, eh?

Oh, and as for the costume thing...check out "Party Bods" on Twitter or my blog HERE and all will be revealed (or completely covered up if you happen to be one of my "bods"). And while you're on my Twitter page, feel free to retweet this young lady. As much as I adore her, I'd love to send her home if she wants to go back.