Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The day I sat in the van with a Tip Top Choc Bar on my butt

As usual, there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why my Tuesday ended up with me sitting in the Warehouse car park with a an ice cream down the back of my pants, hoping desperately that it wouldn't melt before I could eat it.  I had just come from my first ever unicycle lesson at the Manukau Unicycle Club.

It was never intentional for me to learn how to ride a unicycle. It wasn't exactly sitting on my Bucket List, waiting to be ticked off before I shuffle out of my mortal coil. It started with Christmas January. I like to be well prepared. More to the point, I like to check out the internet Daily Deals in Auckland. I say it's Christmas shopping but that doesn't really account for all the makeup and accessories that are now living in my drawers. So..."nek minnit" (Sorry, NZ joke)...a courier had delivered a flimsy red unicycle to my front door.

I looked at it for a bit. Tried to jump on it and realised that the ground has an obsession for my bottom and can move very quickly indeed. Then my friend from church invited me to the club. She's the last person I would have imagined on a unicycle so I was intrigued. After procrastinating for a few weeks, I finally made it to the club. I was encouraged to see small children whizzing around the Arena on pint sized unicycles. I mean, if kids can do it, "How hard can it be?"
It's hard! The ground is HARD! Beloved hadn't allowed me to leave the house without a crash helmet, which naturally I hid in the back of the van. Trust me, it wasn't my head that needed protecting!
Which brings me to why I ended up with ice cream down the back of my pants. I hold a current First Aid Certificate. I know what to do.

Am I going back next week. Yes! It's exercise and it's even more fun than that Zumba class I went to once.

Another friend from church is right into trail-biking. Here's an interesting concept:

If you're ever in Auckland on a Tuesday night and fancy giving it a go come along to:
Manukau One Wheelers: The club meets every Tuesday night. We have a hall from 5-7pm then we ride outside if the weather is good. 9 Lambie Drive, Manukau at the Manukau City Baptist Church. As you come in driveway go straight ahead to building labelled 'Arena'. Unicycles and friendly advice are provided.

Watch this space for further updates on my progress