Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Derma Wand Review - Warts and All (mostly mine)

I am very easily influenced so perhaps watching infomercials before going to sleep wasn't the best idea. I still remember the first infomercial I ever saw. It was a flower preserver and after half an hour of watching, I wanted that flower preserver more than anything in the world. Sadly I didn't have a credit card back then...or should I say, "thankfully". On reflection, I am the first to admit that the "flower preserver" was nothing more than a box of sand. So...I was understandably skeptical when I saw the infomercial for the Derma Wand. If I was 23 I would have ignored it completely but I've got a number of decades tucked under my belt now. I have children older than 23. I would tell you my age, but let's just say...I'm 23 plus tax. A LOT of tax.

Well these days I do have a carefully managed credit card - I am a grown up after all. So I did it. And, just in case anyone looking at this might be tempted, I figured you might like an honest opinion from someone who paid the big bucks without being paid any bucks at all.

So, here I am 6 weeks ago:
I never noticed before, but my face is not at all symmetrical and my right eye is actually lower than my left. Is this normal? Am I mutated? As far as wrinkles go I have a few, which is probably quite reasonable for a person "around my age". One thing that has always been a pain is the occasional blemish that appears and does nothing but look mean and angry. In my photo (and I really hate pointing this out!), I actually have two on my chin that had stuck around for well over a week before the photo was taken, trying to make me look poxy.

And six weeks later:
IT TURNED MY HAIR PINK!!! Nah, just joshing. I did that. I'm always changing my hair colour, just because I can. I refuse to lay down and be old and boring. Old maybe, but never boring. Anyway, there isn't a miracle face lift and I think my right eye is still a bit lower, BUT...
My skin does feel more toned, some of the lines seem ever so slightly diminished and best of all, this baby zaps zits like a BOSS! I have cheated and put a little mascara on, but other than that, no makeup (I think I have mascara in the first pic too)

I think I'll do a pros and cons paragraph now:

COST: This thing cost me just over $200 NZ. That hurt! (I think that's around $100 US but I'm only guessing). The "$60 instructional DVD" and the "$30 purse" included for free is a bit of a crock but...I got a TWO FOR ONE special! So I've generously given one to my daughter. She's in her 20s so I'll have to watch she doesn't turn the clock back too far or she might turn into a foetus!

TIME: I'll be honest, this takes more than 3 minutes a day. I use it twice a day and it probably takes about 7 minutes each time (give or take a few secs).

NO SHORT CUTS: You still have to use moisturizer so you won't save on your regular skin care regime. You need the moisturizer to help the wand glide over your skin. Mind you, I've always used pretty cheap products so it's not really a biggie for me.

ALSO: Some people might not like the slight smell it emits, the noise it makes or the feel of it if you lift it slightly off your skin (it zaps a little). I don't mind any of this at all.

It's not going to work miracles! If you're 50, you're not likely to look like a 25 year old a couple of months later.

SKIN TONE: My skin feels nice. I can feel that *something* is feeling right. Also, I think it has given my saggy eye a *very slight* lift.

WRINKLES: Just ever so slightly diminished. In my case I think it's helped around my mouth and under my eyes.

BLEMISHES: Now this is where I feel I'm getting my money's worth! If I feel one of those nasty zits approaching, I turn the dial up, follow the instructions on the DVD and, just for good measure, I give it a little extra zap by hovering the wand over it, just off the skin. I do that 3 or 4 times a day if I can. By the next day it goes all shy and embarrassed and is usually gone a couple of days later.

SHARE THE CARE: About once or twice a week I treat my bestie (and sometimes her husband!) to a zap session. It's just nice to be able to pamper someone with something a little different.

SPECIAL DEALS: Watch out for the Two for One deal.

AND NOW...for your entertainment (considering I'm not wearing any makeup in these extreme close up photos), and mostly for your perusal to make your own judgement, here are some more before and after photos:


6 Weeks Later:
Is it me or is my skin just a little less saggy six weeks later. 

6 Weeks

Oh gosh, I wish I'd plucked those stray hairs before I took these photos!

I also figured it might be interesting to try it on just one hand:
"Control" Hand
"Derma" Hand personal verdict is that I'm glad I bought it. I like using it. The price hurt but I did get two for that price. Oh, and just one final word of advice: it works better if you take the cap off before use. Just sayin'...