Friday, October 22, 2010

Please say amen

So where's this post gone? Let's just say I'm aware that when it comes to fosties, one must be very aware of "confidentiality" and such. Having just signed a Caregivers' Contract assuring our agency that all information relating to our fosties is handled discreetly, there's been a severe edit here. Kinda like WWII Britain and those letters home with all the holes cut into them.

Thank you to all those people who said "Amen". Things didn't go as we might have liked but I do believe something positive will happen as a result. Although, that doesn't necessarily mean I understand it


  1. T.O.U with tears in my eyes. xo

  2. Thank you so much for your comments and to those who have also commented on my Facebook page. The support is wonderful.

    Feelings are a bit mixed right now. The meltdown was exhausting for those in the fallout and to be honest, we do need a few days respite to gather ourselves. We can only pray that someone with some kind of common sense placed our boy where he should be for that time.

    We've beaten ourselves up with a post mortem of what "we" could have done differently. If only we'd been at the school when he was taken...but I guess guilt is pointless. Then I start to relax and enjoy the quietness, before going out into the garden and seeing his bike and realising that he should be out riding around with his friends instead of being with people he doesn't know right now.

    The GOOD news is that we have an army on our side. It's a pain that it's a long weekend but I think the proverbial will hit the fan when people get into their offices on Thursday.

    I do have one other fear...if/WHEN he comes home, will he be his lovely self again? Or will the sense of betrayal be so strong that he'll never be able to trust us or anyone else, and allow himself to be loved ever again?