Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the silly season begin

Once the calendar rolls over to December, it's officially the Silly Season.  Summer time. Skirts and shorts time. Leg and armpit shaving time. Time to erect my giant inflatable Santa and Rudolph on to the upper front deck. I feel the need to clarify exactly which deck because as you'll recall, the fart in the bucket (which Beloved refers to as a spa pool, even though it's about the size of a toilet bowl) is on the lower front deck - in full view of the street. So clearly there's not enough room for giant inflatables down there, although it could possibly make my night time dips a little less public. We also have a recently erected larger deck at the back. But who wants to erect a giant Santa at the back of the house.

I'm hoping nobody is noticing that I've overused the word "erect".

That Santa nearly caused divorce in our household a couple of years ago. When I get a bee in my bonnet I want things done NOW. I bought Santa and Rudolph on impulse, having decided that our house MUST be the best decorated in the street. It's not that I'm competitive or anything...but nothing else matters except that our display beats the Kumars' Diwalhi lights across the road! So when I bought Santa and his companion, I had nothing to actually plug them into. I did improvise and managed to blow up Rudolph by not having his vent fullly exposed but that didn't matter because Beloved makes a hobby out of taking things back to the shop and getting replacements.  I was extremely upset when I couldn't get everything going immediately and words ensued with my husband.

With the help of some bits of wool and sticky tape, it all worked out in the end and I don't think it really matters that Santa sort of leers over the balcony with Rudolph's butt in his face.  And I decided that the effort was worthwhile when children coming past my house on the way home from school stopped and gasped in wonder (or terror).

So with Zeeb and C's help, Santa and Rudolph are back in position, ready to celebrate the Jay-Man's birthday.  Christmas preparations can officially begin now that I have made it public that I'm officially preparing. No doubt you'll be looking forward to an update on how I go about wrapping the Christmas presents and why I own a Santa suit.

I'm a little disappointed that none of the lights I have hanging around them are working though. That couldn't possibly have anything to do with them being left hanging out there for the last two years - could it?

Maybe it would just be a whole lot easier - and cheaper - to sabotage the Kumar's Diwahli lights.


  1. I did laugh to myself at your first use of the word 'erect' hehehe :)

  2. It's really windy here and I recently saw one of those reindeer wrapped around a tree branch. LOL