Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, joy, rapture! I've got a brain! (almost)

 Well, I've been giving some thought to furthering my education. My halcyon days were many decades ago (even though I'm only "38"!) and I've enjoyed reliving my youth through the teenagers I work with as a Teacher Aide. But I reckon it's about time I got a few of those NZQA credits for myself. It's not the first time I've thought about it, but being the naive young thing that I am I'd always assumed that having babies and getting some learning didn't mix. I thought it was an all or nothing affair.  Then "Fabulous New Lady" started working in our department. Turns out that she's somewhat over-qualified for the job but she really is fabulous. Then I found out that FNL got her education one paper at a time!!!!  It is seriously possible to stretch a degree out for YEARS! WHY had nobody told me about this?!
 So I'm going in. I'm doing it! I am going to get me some SMARTS. If I ever finish it may take a while (even though I'm only "38) but I think I'll give it a go and start with one little paper

Smiley and I were having a "departmental meeting" with FNL during Form Check (aka gossip around the table instead of washing up the coffee cups) and I mentioned that I might consider studying Humanity and Arts. Naturally FNL, who seems to have done everything and anything that's worth doing, has dabbled in the classics and told us about her experience when she went to Italy and saw Michael Angelo's David for real. Is there anything this woman hasn't done? She was so overwhelmed with the wonder and beauty of it all that she burst into tears.  Smiley and I drank in the emotion as FNL's eyes misted over with the memory of this near-religious-epiphanic (I just made that word up) experience. Finally, Smiley - who I think has a higher education than myself - broke the silence.....

....." big is his willy?"


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  2. A nice photo of hubby.