Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quiz Night

It’s the grand School Staff Quiz night on Friday and nothing else matters to me other than our department  thrashing the PE department, the Maths department and quite possibly the “Card Table” who tried to filch our Dean for their team.  Come to think of it, there might be just one other thing that I consider more important than beating out the opposition, and that’s beating out the opposition in the Costume section. Costumes are my “thing”.  Many have suggested that my obsession with costuming has become a fetish - I prefer to call it an “affinity” that is well-suited to my creative being.

I’m constantly trawling the Costumes section on Trademe. I don’t really want to think about the total amount I’ve spent on items such as a Superwoman outfit, a wizard’s cloak, a tutu, a child’s dinosaur costume, various ball gowns, a pink French maid set, a gladiator costume, a toga...and so on...and on...and on...

With two wardrobes jam-packed (one with children’s gear, the other for adults) and a large chest of drawers stuffed with accessories, I’ve taken it upon myself to oversee what will be worn by our quiz team. And with ten in the team (at least I hope there are ten because I’ve just coughed up the hundred bucks to register “The Truants”), I’ve ignored my “collection” and opted for a simpler choice which is readily available to us in a school setting. Besides, me and my costumes are a size ten (which is probably a size teensy in other countries) and the other team members...probably aren’t.

So that is how the Dean of our department came to distract a few classrooms on a Monday morning by strutting about in a girl’s full school uniform. He seemed to think he looked pretty hot, even if it was just a rehearsal. I’m not sure if I care to comment any further other than to say that I’m looking forward to the real thing on Friday night. I hope he shaves his legs.
UPDATE: We won the best costume!! Our prize was a chocolate fish each (it's a Kiwi thing). As for the quiz itself, we were beaten by...everyone :-\

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