Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life changes

Bit of a stressful start to the New Year in this household. One meltdown by Yours Truly and one massive clot on Beloved's lung. It's funny how events can take an unexpected turn. A few weeks ago we were a busy family of 7 or 8 plus and now we're back to a quiet five.  With Beloved coming so close to the Pearly Gates on the 2nd January, we're now required to "take things more quietly".  Very sad for one of the fosties who thought he had a home for life and the other who had already had everything taken away from him when he was taken into care.  I have to admit that a chunk of my heart went out the door with them. Still, my laundry load has dramatically reduced and there sure are a lot less potatoes to peel. Even so, it's unnaturally quiet around here and I'm not sure if I like it one bit.

The day after Beloved's near fatal clot did the dirty on him, my absolute favourite step-daughter-in-law was off to buy pizza for the kids' lunch.  Beloved, still in the throws of a near death experience, stretches out a feeble arm and croaks: "There are discount vouchers in my bedside drawer". You've got to admire his commitment to saving a buck.  It sure is nice to still have him around <3

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  1. Relieved to hear your Beloved pulled through. Must have been very scary. (Btw, I would have done the same re the discount vouchers. Death is no excuse for overpaying.)