Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More ponderous ponderings

Last week Beloved and I were driving across town on the southern motorway when I began to think deep thoughts.  All those people in all those cars just going somewhere. All that potential chaos - it's mind blowing that anyone manages to get anywhere. So I looked into the distance to the south. I turned and looked to the north then I asked Beloved, "How does it all end?" Surprisingly, he didn't have a clue what I was talking about so further explanation was necessary. "I mean, what happens to the motorway when it gets to Cape Rienga at the tippy top of the country?"  This was answered with a puzzled grunt. Not especially helpful.  "Yeah, but how does it stop? Does it just...I dunno....end?"  Beloved mumbled something which seemed to confirm this notion.

Although I was quite taken with the idea that cars might just keep driving off Cape Reinga and fly off into the sun like the end of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie, the thought that one could drive from one end of the country to the other and then simply...stop...blew my mind.

"Wooooaaaah....cooool. So really, the motorway is just a dead-end street. Oooooooooo!!"

Beloved looked anxious, "I feel like I'm being visited by the 60s. Have you been smoking something?"
I think I always have been a closet hippy at heart. The only thing is that I've never had any desire to smoke anything - apart from my good looks. My friend was telling me yesterday that she doesn't think there are many hippies left. Only those old guys with grey ponytails who forget to shave and can't really be bothered washing their hemp shirts.

Anyway, back to the conversation:
"Well, it's a bit like life on earth really. Everyone thinks it goes on forever and then one day it...stops. Ooooooo!" Yeah I know. Deep stuff, eh?

Beloved picked his nose.
"Are you picking your nose?"
"Very sexy" I made that comment with a hint of sarcasm.

I carried on pondering the mysteries of the motorway and wondered if it just...stops...at Wellington too. So I thought I'd ask.

"What about the other end?"
"Oh, I would need toilet paper for that end."


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