Friday, February 25, 2011

We're DOING it!

Me and Smiley...we're doing it. We're making it happen! Instead of just floating around the school grounds looking cute, we're strutting about the place with black compendiums, looking efficient! Oh, and still cute of course.

We're making it all look so easy - on the surface. The reality is that once we get to our little office, there's a lot of arm flapping, rummaging through drawers and even the occasional naughty word (that would be Smiley because I would never dream of using a naughty word out loud)

I think it's the black compendiums giving us a sense of confidence.  They're left overs from a work conference Beloved went to in 2004 (although I'm not sure why he felt the need to come home with a box load). They look quite classy and have a pad, a pen and a calculator inside. I'm not sure what we're going to need to calculate on our way to the ladies' loos but if ever something crops up, we'll be ready.

So the boss asked me to get some "Overviews" ready. Errrmmm....not that I have the faintest idea what an Overview is, but I followed Marie's lead when she hissed at me to just nod my head while she dug her elbow into my ribs. Ahh, so that's what we're meant to do: Fake it.  It all looked so convincing until we got back to the little office where further arm flapping became necessary in completing the set task. Or...actually starting it.

I've learned how to make a table in Excel and fill it with pretty colours - just like Ant used to do. Smiley has learned how to bat her eyelids at the young computer technician when we can't get our program to do what it's meant to do (thereby making the computer technician do whatever she wants him to do) and that blue file mentioned here has actually come in useful. Heck, we've even interacted with students on the odd occasion! Individual Diagnostic Maths and Vocab Testing is even becoming fun. Smiley has the joyous role of "Probing" the little Year 9s. I love the look of terror on their faces when we mention latex gloves. I get to do the one on one Maths, which would be more fun if I knew all the answers. I'm just hoping I don't get a kid who knows more than me or I'll be in over my head. 

Yup, we're quite a team Smiley and me. We're on FIRE at the moment. We're blonde. We're cute. And we're still just a little confused.

Footnote: For anyone concerned about how close I am to the devastating Canterbury earthquake, Auckland is some distance away and we're safe here. However, everyone knows somebody in Christchurch. My daughter was there and has managed to get somewhere safe. Our prayers and thoughts are with those who are still waiting to hear what has happened to family and friends they haven't been able to locate.

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