Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Country So Pretty You Could Hang It On The Wall

I feel sorry for Stewart Island.

Tonight I saw an ad on telly for...something...I've forgotten what...and one of the props was a New Zealand map ornament on the wall. I think it was made of paua shell. I thought to myself that I would like a cool piece of kiwiana on my wall and a paua map of New Zealand would be the coolest thing. I would be so sophisticated and all my visitors would say, "Oh what a cool map ornament on your wall!". Then it occurred to me that my country is really pretty. Not just pretty to look at while standing here with it's blue skies (when it's not raining), nuclear free waters and green ferns, but a pretty shape of land. I can't imagine a paua map of Russia or Australia hanging on the lounge wall. That would just look...blobby. It might work for England or Japan, but definately not Russia.

Another name for New Zealand is "Godzone". I think that means that God likes this place as much as I do. I tried to find a picture of a paua New Zealand map but it's late and Mr Google just didn't co-operate so I found a piece of glass with a paua insert.

As for Stewart Island, isn't it sad how it often gets left off the map? It's just too tricky to include a little island at the bottom. Stewie must feel so left out of the loop.


  1. Already a little in love with your style of writing - just a little confession there to end my day...
    Also, hoping to come over to NZ for the Rugby world cup next year and you have got me excited merely about the shape of the place rather than the sport - you should work for the tourist board.

  2. Ahh...Cup Fever. I'm sniffing it in the wind.

  3. Oh, and thank you for the compliment :)