Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 1

So...this is a blog...What does one do with a blog? I tell you, I'm living in a world of science fiction. My kids have had e-mail accounts since primary school; when I grew up I didn't even have my own bath water. But I have a blog now. Does this mean I've made it? Have I finally "arrived"?

I shall have to ponder the contents of this little project. What should I say to become an internet sensation? I could become the next Justin Bieber! Only...this isn't You Tube...and I don't sing...and I'm 47 years old...and I'm not a boy. Perhaps Justin was a bad example. Perhaps my inspiration has come from watching "Julie & Julia" on Friday night. Does anyone else think that it seems a bit mean that Julia dissed Julie for her project?

What does a 47 year old mother with a slightly blended family (should that be "curdled"?) incorporating kids of all ages, working as a Teacher Aide in a high school and bringing up a couple of additional foster boys while living in New Zealand write in a blog? Was that even a proper sentence?

It's becoming evident that I'm waffling. Enough playing around. I might just go and have a look at what everyone else is writing about...

(I wonder if Oprah reads these things...)


  1. Incidentally, it's not really 4:27am on a Sunday here. It's 11:37 Sunday night. Since we're a day ahead of much of the world, I can let you know how the day is going to turn out before it gets to you. Cool, huh? :-D

  2. Just commenting about Julie & Julia... I hated that movie so much. But I hate Meryl Streep, so any character she plays I hate. And yes, it was mean to dis Julie, she'd dedicated so much time and effort.