Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fav programmes on telly and wonky texts

I admit to having one or two guilty pleasures on television.  Something I secretly want to stay home for and take the phone off the hook during the next 30 to 60 minutes. Am I alone in this? Nope.  Like attracts like and if we can  somehow manage to find someone to share the indulgence with the experience becomes all the more exciting.

There are two programmes that hook me in: "Coronation Street" and our old kiwi favourite gameshow "It's In The Bag" which is on quite late and was hosted by Selwyn Toogood during the 70s and John Hawkesby through the 80s. And there are two lovely people who share my passion for these can't-miss-an-episode shows: respectively my Facebook friend L and my daughter Z.

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays between 7:30-8:30am either L or myself will send/receive a text: "Are you watching?" and for the next hour it might go something like:

"Bet you wish it was you cutting Tony's hair" (Tony is the evil, hot Scotts man with the glass eye - he was having his hair cut in Audrey's salon and yes, I did wish it was me with my fingers through his locks)
"Poor Steve, it was Becky's fault" (she was too drunk to get married and didn't realise they weren't married until the next day)

"Gasp! Tony looks hot. See how he only cries out of one eye?"

"Becky you silly cow!" (oops! I did a gaff there. I was rushing and accidentally sent that text to my friend A, who is at the top of my phone list and probably still trying to work out who Becky is and why I'm so ticked off with her)

Z is housesitting for a couple of weeks and I've missed having her watching Selwyn with me. She hates Selwyn because she first saw "Bag" episodes with John and thinks that Selwyn just isn't "Toogood" (sorry about that but it was "too good" an opportunity to pass up). Even so at 10:30 tonight I can probably expect a text that will read something like:

"It's the 100th telecast!"

"Love Tenika's frock"

"Selwyn's sweaty already"

"Mmmm...he's a hottie!"

"He's your boyfriend"

"We've only seen one of Tenika's boobies tonight" (behave! There were booby prizes!)

Z never has never been able to get her head around the old episodes being shown before the OLD, old episodes and feels that Selwyn has usurped John. John had a much more lustrous head of hair.

"I hate Selwyn," she explodes "he FAILS at life".

"Umm...Z, he's been dead for over a decade."

"My point EXACTLY!"

My daughter has a vendetta with a dead guy.

"Bag" was classic last night. Someone in the audience won the...wait for it...COLOUR TELLY!  I have never seen such joy!

It's 9:30pm; I'm hoping for a text in about an hour. If I don't, I'll be sending one.

Does anyone want to text me during "Tux Wonder Dogs at 11pm?


  1. Oh perfect !!! Well done you. Love the action shot with steve and Becky. your poor friend A :-)
    Tony's a bit of a dish huh? :-) nicely mentioned, glass eye and all...I still wonder how he cried out of it !!
    Oh its in the bag and Tux wonder dogs. Went to see both !!
    Its in the bag i went with my nana 100yrs ago in Ohakea
    And when TWD was in Martinborough we went to see it. It was great to take the kids too..
    Sorry i didnt text you !!! Hear from you tonight after another foodfight !!

  2. Oh and Tenika BooosheAh (sp? but we all knew how to say it !! )

  3. You must share all your memories of "It's In The Bag"!! Z wants to know!! Was it with Selwyn or John?