Monday, July 26, 2010

There's a mystery afoot

I’m not sure what one of the fosties has been up to but if I look at the 5 standard question starters, I have the “Who”, the “Where” and the “What”.  I just need the “When” and the “Why”.  Beloved was the first to notice that something had gone down and alerted me to the situation.  Not that I was alert. I was facebooking on the laptop with my eye mask hooked around my neck, ready for a good night’s kip, and I wasn’t eager to get out of a comfy bed.

Here's the scene: The downstairs kitchen window (normally locked) - open; ornament on windowsill - broken; benchtop and floor - covered in muddy footprints.  Was it a break in? Had we been robbed? I checked my Tom Jones CD collection while Beloved examined the scene to determine if it was an inside job.  The evidence was mostly circumstantial, but Nick* was our prime suspect.  However his denial was almost convincing.  This kid needs to go to drama school.  As Beloved was preparing his speech about bunking off school to break in while we were all out, I donned my Sherlock Holmes hat and went into CSI mode, searching for forensic clues. I think the photo says it all:

Note the tread of the shoe compared with the mud print - we have a match!
Suspect - size 6
Shoe - size 6
Here’s the interesting thing - mufty shoes. Since Nick is only spotted in school shoes during the week, the misdemeanour had been committed outside school hours. We haven't been able to pinpoint a time because...ummm...I haven't actually cleaned the downstairs kitchen for quite some time...or...ever...

The good news - he didn’t wag school (as backed up by further snooping with my contacts in the trenches).
The bad news - he didn’t confess.
The good news - he gave up denying it.
The really good news - he knows that we know pretty much everything he gets up to and he can’t get away with anything. Poor sod.

Meanwhile, his brother Tee* is obsessed with his hair. He’s had me put highlights in and keeps doing that  dreadful head-flick thing.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t dislocate it. How do you explain a dislocated head to the Social Worker?

I blame Justin Bieber. Don’t we all?

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