Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Holidays! YEA!!

One of the big advantages to being a Teacher Aide is all the holidays. One of the big disadvantages is that I don't get paid for the holidays. Things are pretty cruisy this week, our two foster boys, T & N* ("not quite their real names etc, etc") are at camp until Friday, my 19 y/o daughter, Z* is house sitting for a friend and I'm only left with 6 y/o daughter, C*, and 14 y/o son, M* (all these abbreviated initials are confusing me!).

So I promised C we could have a craft day, naively thinking that we'd have a cheap day in. We trotted off to the craft shop for cardboard, glitter, glue, felts, a silver pen. Who knew that I needed to take out a mortgage for PVA glue?! Being at the shops we couldn't avoid stopping by the Warehouse (sort of New Zealand's equivalent to Walmart) to see if they had cheaper glue and...well...there was a sale on clothing. Where has all my money gone? We got home to squeeze in the crafty-making-of-stuff and THANK GOD, Z arrived home for a visit - just in the nick of time! I just left them to it.

I've seen other blogs about perfect kids in perfectly clean clothes doing perfect crafts. Nobody is perfect in this house!

After an hour, things were getting ugly. C left Z to do all the work and wouldn't help clean up. Tempers were beginning to fray. Ahhh siblings. We did get a beautiful work of art out of it though - mostly done by Z.

There was glitter in our dinner last night.

*not their real names because I don't know if I'm allowed to use real names of real people without their real permission. Hey, I'm new to blogging.


  1. I thought about calling Isaac "I", but who would call a kid something beginning with "I", it would just be too confusing, am I talking about me (I) or Isaac (I)!?
    I was so grumpy today; I had to look after I today; I hung out the washing....see... too confusing

  2. Steph you just blew my mind! I'm soooo confused!