Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not a fetish, it's an affinity

My Beloved and I have slightly different relationships with Trade Me (that's the NZ equivalent of e-bay). He buys crap. I buy "stuff". He hoards junk. I'm adding to my "collection". He wastes money. I make "investments". Trademe has been a bone of contention for a few years in our household with many weekends spent hauling rubbish from one location to another halfway across town in a bid to feed my Beloved's addiction. He makes big purchases. Not just big in dollars but BIG in size. He has the sort of garage that they make documentaries about. That's a whole other subject that I'll save for another time but it's enough to say that if there's any random thing that you might want to borrow, chances are that he has one in his garage that you can use (and personally I don't care if you never return it because it takes up too much room anyway).

My relationship with Trademe is far more worthwhile. I make exciting purchases with a little more substance than a wheelbarrow tray and various cars that seem to come and go, causing neighbours to mistake our front lawn for a car yard. In the last couple of months I have purchased:

A Super Woman costume

2 x belly dance outfits (in pink and green)

Pattern for a kid's fish dress up outfit

80's disco costume - includes rainbow stretch asymmetrical top and gold sequined skirt. I like sequins.

A French Maid uniform

Kid's bunny costume

Long, black matrix coat

Toddler's duck costume

Kid's crocodile, reindeer and dinosaur Juliet costume, a wizard's cloak and hat, a Latin ballroom dress, various children's dressups, a white tutu...

...and a "hot in Japan" banana case.

There seems to be a theme.  This picture taken with my mother during the '70s probably confirms that it just might be a family trait. Gee, I wish I still had that Ten of Hearts outfit.

Ever since I adorned my first pixie suit when I was five (it was green, not really my colour), I've been drawn towards an interesting wardrobe. All these purchases have been essential to enhance my existing collection of sparkly mermaid skirts, clown pants, 12 wigs, elf hats, Santa suit and various mannakins (needed to model said collection).  I like calling it a "Collection". It makes me feel like Vera Wang - although I only personally designed the mermaid skirts.

These things will all be very day.

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